Tuesday, July 12, 2011

An award from the Prime Minister

I would like to share with you the funny story of the appreciation award that my mom received from the Prime Minister Nuri Al Maliki. 
Mom is an Agriculture Engineer and currently she works for the Baghdad Municipality, specifically in Al Adhamiya neighborhood, where my home is. Responsible for the parks and grass department in the neighborhood. First years after the invasion till 2007, work was completely dead because of the security instability. So most of the free areas where it’s been used to put the garbage on and the damages of the car bombs. Because there were no garbage cars entering the neighborhood that time, you can easily see mountains of trashes all over the streets. 
Though, when the security situation improved and became much better, mom and her team started directly to put an immediate plan for recovering these areas and to bring life back to it. 
So they went out to the streets facing the risks of working under the remaining danger to deal with big quantitative of damages, dedicating their time to solve this huge problem. They didn't differentiate between night and daily works. Even I was hearing my family complains about mom's night shifts. Not as a requirement for the job, rather for the people that they were living between this nasty scenes. 

Here are some pictures of some of the locations that mom were responsible to lead her team in turning on this place into a better one.  
Location No.1 is Al Aktaal street where I spent three years in my neighborhood without going there because how dangerous it was, and the fellow pictures shows a free land in the street where it was daily welcomes 5-10 dead bodies.       

location  No.1  before work started

  During the work 

Now you can easily see the results and the change of the place and how it became after the work

 View at night 

The good thing is that all that hard work and the bad times that they spent to solve this issue, all vanished with the tremendous result that they have created during the months. People from all over Baghdad were talking about the places that they have created and the parks that been settled. Not only been visited from the people from the neighborhood, while many others were coming from all over the city. 
The pictures above were one of the works that they did, but what was the big shot of the year was the river side walk park.   Where before it was one of the most beautiful places before the invasion, after it was like that:

And this is how it turned after 

The work was mostly appreciated by the whole Ministry, and the prime minister himself came for the opening. The place gained the media publicity and daily the place was full of people. It was a pride that the Iraqi government were talking about it in the news as an achievement of establishing a new born of life in the city after the destruction. So that made the prime minister award the leader of the team for the big achievement. And mom gained an appreciation award for that which it was an amount of money!

To be honest, as soon as I heard that mom got an award from the PM, I was thinking of getting a new car or maybe buying another house! But then as soon as I've been informed about the amount of money, all these expectations turned into a very deep laugh on the ground!
The award was 50,000 Iraqi dinar, which it was almost 45$!
hahaahaha! so she took the money and invited the whole team work for some Kabab... 

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