Monday, July 11, 2011

A trip of the interesting place

"The fallowing post had to be posted almost 5 months ago. But left the document on my desktop when I moved back to Erbil didn't have any other copies elsewhere. So I just had the chance today to post it since I've just arrived to Baghdad , staying there for couple of days for some paper works"  

Because the spring holiday mostly comes with the starts of the New Year, people usually travel going to different countries. In a way to have a better chance to celebrate the New Year in an interesting and cool place.
Well not for me and especially this break where my flight to Egypt is been cancelled. Though, I had to arrange my own interesting, cool place.
Staying at the dorms defiantly is not going to be a very good idea, where I'm going to spend the next five months at. I wanted to go to a different place where I can have a remarkable 3 weeks of my life, especially this will be the last holiday that I will have in UKH till I graduate in July.
Few choices left, besides staying at my Aunt's house in Erbil, there was a choice to go down to Baghdad where my family lives. Seems not a good idea for most of you, but it wasn't for me at least in the first couple of days!
So I picked up my stuff and went to good bye my friends where there I spent the craziest hours of the year! Driving with them at 12:00 am to Safeen Mountain, where it was raining and the roads completely was not safe to drive on. However we spent one hell of a night, taking some terrible pictures because there was no light. We drove back at 3:00am and my driver to Baghdad was waiting for me at 4:00am. Seriously, till now I don't know why we went even!

Midnight at Safeen with friends 

Hopefully I made it to catch the crazy (طاااااك) Karwan, one of my favorite drivers. He made the 5 hours driving goes lie 10 minutes because of his crazy speeches and funny style of singing.
Arrived to Baghdad around 9:30 in the morning, and drove home, greeted my family, jumped to the bed  had 6 hours of sleeping after a whole day without having any rest!

As always, as soon as I enter the city, I don't know why I feel disappointed. Just feeling sad, hate everything, don't even like the air that I breathe! I don't really know why, maybe because of the type of life there. By looking at my destroyed city, full of those people who forget even what the meaning of life is. Or by just looking at these faces that has no sense of joy at all. They just got sick of living, living at that life where is no security, bombs, dead people, unemployment, bad services, no electricity, no entertainments, unpaved  roads, families are separated, traffic jams because of useless checkpoints, high prices, and so on...
And when we say bad services, its really, really bad! Because of that, its really wired for me if I see and hear that there are some people in Baghdad having an easy, comfortable life.  

A guy in our neighborhood, that he mainly just gathers the old and broken stuff from the roads selling  it with cheap prices to others.

Its bothering me and its so sad to see all  these kind of problems all around wherever you go, hearing people just complaining and talk about it. well later on I found that its the main topics for people in Baghdad to talk about, each day and every minute!

Its so annoying when you step up on these roads that is full of dust! Which dust is one of the most disgustful things for me, besides Enrique Iglesias!
To know what I'm saying when I say dust, these pictures shows two of the most beautiful and richest neighborhoods, Al adhamiya and Al Yarmok, well they used to be before the invasion!

Al Adhamiya neighborhood, exactly in front of our house 

Al Yarmook neighborhood

You might be wondering what would  happen if it rains!? Well  check it out! 

  Can't imagine that this is the same flatten, clean and nice street where even some friends used to play soccer at  without wearing any shoes on

I'm sorry for each single thing in Baghdad, and emotions can't be expressed well. But I don't feel that its really fair for those whom are living there. Even if some people are saying that we are having good times, I guess they don't. Because I don't think that they are able to define the good times. They are not able to define what they should get, and what they should not. They just moved on since the first rocket fall down in the city in 2003. 
A friend of mine, and a boss that I've worked for in my University. Once we were talking about this issue, he was telling me that  ‎"The most dangerous and the worst thing in societies is that people can't differentiate between colors, between the good things and the bad ones!" I swear he is completely right, and this is exactly what is going on in Baghdad. They don't have other options, so they just say its fine, good, cool , not bad...  

Talking about colors, an old car covered by colored lights, streets of Baghdad

Agh! Well leaving the sad part going to the delicious part. I have my own concept about Baghdad, well if you go out some where you will face 3 things, (1) Garbage, (2)Traffic Jams (3) Disappointments and Ignorant people, while if you stay home you will face three things, (1) food, (2) food, and (3) food!!!!
Really if you wana gain wight in short period, Baghdad is the best place for you!  Baghdad is famous by its delicious food.

However, as I said if you would go out in the streets you will see the three things, but I had to go and explore the city. What they've been up to? the people. What are the new things out there? What is the recent topics that has been showed up beside the regular once?
4 times,  I had to go out and each time I was seeing different strange and surprising things.
One of these things that I really laughed so hard! When I visited one of my friends in his house, after spending 2 hours talking about one of the topics that I maintained above, the unemployment. I had to go home, so he drove me back with his friend. At the middle of the way as we were driving in the road where we were alone without any other cars, hopefully the electricity was on so the traffic light was working. I told him "why would we cross while the traffic light is on, let just stop!" and he said " yeh, why not"  As we stopped in the red light, suddenly a policemen came out from no where running to us very fast, pulling his gun and shouting "Why the hell you stopped?!" My friend pointed to the traffic light and  replied  "Its a red light!"
I swear to god I still can remember the policemen's face. A mixture between a laughing and surprised face, as we've done something so unusual and stupid!
He laughed and said "Move, move!" in Iraqi he said "صدك بطرانين دحرك بابا حرك "
However this indecent wasn't funny as I once saw an advertisement on the street it says "Join our English training only for 2 months and then you will speck fluently as the BBC!"  hehehehe!

So after one week in Baghdad felt the importance of that flight that I had to take to Egypt "The interesting place". And then I started to build my own interesting place, that I will spend the the 3 upcoming weeks, and I literary spent my whole time at there!

Here is my interesting place. Survived by having Facebook, my favorite book, games on Ipad, beside working on my SOPs. No going outs, stayed there for 3 weeks,  till the day came for leaving back to Erbil : )

Because of the flight to Egypt didn't work, I had to spend the break like this. 
But then I noticed that I have to appreciate it, because if that trip worked out, then it will takes me ages to go out from there because it was by the time when the Egyptian revolution just started.    

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